Customized CVO Bagger Videos

Welcome to CustomHDBaggers video gallery of Harley Davidson CVO touring motorcycles. Harley Davidson CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) are Harley's homegrown factory built customized bagger. They are equipped with Harley Davidson Twin-Cam 110 motor, custom paint sets and chrome parts that are only standard on CVO models. They are fast, bold and ... [Continue Reading]

Customized Harley Davidson Trike Videos

Welcome to CustomHDBaggers video gallery of customized Harley Davidson Trikes. I know what you're thinking this site is about baggers but all of these trikes are born Harley touring motorcycles first so its a Bagger! I have noticed over the past few years that Harley Trikes have also been making a comeback. The custom bike builders have also ... [Continue Reading]

Customized Ultra Classic Videos

Welcome to CustomHDBaggers video library of Harley's top dog the Ultra Classic. If Harley Davidson is considered the Cadillac of motorcycles then the Ultra Classic is Harley's Cadillac Escalade. The Ultra Classic is big bad and has all of the creature comforts. They come with increased ride height, heated grips, tour pak and the list goes on.So ... [Continue Reading]

Customized Road King Videos

Welcome to CustomHDBaggers video library of the customized Harley Davidson Road Kings. The Road King has a muscular retro style with one head light. The Road King is the only touring motorcycle Harley makes that doesn't come with a fairing making it the leanest and lightest of the touring motorcycles. Remove the detachable wind shield and it's just ... [Continue Reading]

Customized Street Glide Videos

Welcome to CustomHDBaggers bad ass video library of customized Street Glide. The Harley Davidson Street Glide has been Harley's top selling bagger since it was introduced in 2006. In our video gallery you will find every thing from bolt on parts to custom fabrications and some of the most outrageous paint jobs I've seen. CustomHDBaggers video ... [Continue Reading]

Custom Road Glide Videos

Welcome to CustomHDBaggers video library of customized Harley Davidson Road Glides. The Road Glide or some times known as the "Shark Nose" has a frame mounted fairing and dual head lights. For years the Road Glide has been known to have a love it or hate it look to most. That all changed in 2010 when Harley used the same frame on the Road Glide as ... [Continue Reading]